Re: How do I know if my program runs with assertions

Lew <>
Wed, 14 Jan 2009 14:14:07 -0800 (PST)
dgront wrote:

I am using assertions to test my code. I am also using
java.util.logging which on regular basis writes only the most
important messages.

What I need is to increase verbosity of logging (and forward the
massages to System.err) when JVM is running in assertion mode, i.e. [sic]
-ea flag has been used.

I wrapped java.util.logging.Logger in my own object as a singleton,

Why? That defeats part of the purpose of Logger. Loggers are tunable
on a class-by-class basis, if you name them for the classes in which
they appear.
"The [logging] namespace should typically be aligned with the Java
packaging namespace ..."

Assertions are also enabled on a class-by-class basis.

which starts in a static initialization block so it happens on the
very beginning of the program. I would like to put the stuff there,

I prefer to make loggers instance variables. You can initialize
static loggers (if you use those) in the static initialization block
of the classes that use them (virtually all your classes). I
initialize instance Logger variables in the instance initializers.

A static initializer does not run at "the very beginning of the
program", it runs when the particular class is loaded, and that
doesn't happen until the class is referenced in a particular way.

i.e. [sic] the part that detects assertions and changes the behaviour of =



"Detecting" assertions isn't done in the static initializer, but
"... prior to the execution of any field initializers for class
variables (=A78.3.2.1) and static initializers (=A78.7), the class's class
loader determines whether assertions are enabled or disabled ...".

Assertions are enabled or disabled on a class-by-class basies.

Set the logging level and assertion levels extrinsically to the
program. For example, you can modify the logging configuration file
whenever you plan to run with "-ea".

Another way is to assert a logging initialization method that returns

  assert setDetailedLogging();

This will only execute the method when assertions are enabled, and if
you write the method to return 'true' it will not throw an

This will work equally well with a static method for static loggers or
an instance method for instance loggers.


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