Re: code base(not a technical question)

Robert Klemme <>
Thu, 25 Aug 2011 10:49:49 +0200
On 24.08.2011 21:03, Asit Dhal wrote:

Thank you everybody for reading my query and suggesting me.

This is what I do now.
I have a folder named Java. In this folder code snippets are stored in small text files. File name is what the snippet is about.

What I need is every file should be associated with some index
string, which is search able.

Again grep can't help me as I use Windows 7 for development

You can use "find" for that in the Windows shell.

However, I would just create an Eclipse project where I put all those
files and use Eclipse's text search (which is pretty fast). You could
even do something like

  * Search index
  * keyword: thread
  * keyword: list

somewhere in the file and then do a regexp search for "keyword:\s*thread"

Kind regards


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