Re: save input from web form to a .dat file

"Oliver Wong" <>
Fri, 11 Aug 2006 20:07:11 GMT
<> wrote in message

    Is your data accessor class running on the client or the server?

if (on the client) {
  You'll need to provide an URL that the client can connect to to
the file.
} else {
  You'll need to provide a way for the client to connect to your data
accessor to get the info it wants.

    - Oliver

It is running on my server. I call the file from DataAccessor. Also, I
have now included the full path to the file, but it still doesn't

class DataAccessor{
     static String file = "L\\public\\Garage\\data.dat";

Shouldn't my class be trying to find this filepath on my server?

    Assuming "my class" refers to DataAccessor, and assuming it's running on
the server, yes. (I'm not sure what OS would recognize the "L" prefix

    However there's still the question of how the client gains the ability
to communicate with this class. Sockets? HTTP? Something else?

    - Oliver

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