Re: Swing better than Awt?

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Arne_Vajh=F8j?= <>
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 20:48:38 -0400
Richard Maher wrote:

But before launching into Swing there is one niggle or possible
spanner-in-the-works I'd like to quiz you about, and that is "footprint"
both in terms of memory and bandwidth of a Swing evoking class. In my case
I'm using an Applet that does little more user interaction than pop-up a
couple of dialog boxes before handing control over to the web browser and
html, and find AWT to be a stream-lined gazelle-like creature (albeit
three-legged) and fear Swing could be more like an elephant. Are my fears
ill-founded? Are all the class libraries in the JVM anyway so don't have to
be sent over the network? Will my Class and JAR files be roughly the same
size? Is relative resource consumption (or body mass index) an issue?

The Swing classes has been part of Java since version 1.2.

Your code may actually shrink a little bit in size because
you may replace some of your code with builtin Swing functionality.

Swing apps do tend to use some memory. But would not consider it
a problem on any PC that is not completely outdated.

PPS. If I was holding a series of say employee photographs/images as blobs
in a database, can anyone tell me how I would get one of them up into a
web-browser without first having to export it to a .jpeg/.bmp/.gif file? I
must have missed something? I know http servers/browsers are optimized to
have seperate threads for uploading images but nonetheless, what's the
alternative? Can I pass an BufferedImage back from an applet to Javascript?
(And then what would it do with it without a SRC="#something"?)

You can do a IMG tag with SRC pointing to a server side script that
sends the image from the database to the browser with the correct
content type.

Or you can use an applet that retrieves the images via socket
and displays it within the applet.


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