Re: Embedding Web Browser (prefer Firefox) in Java Application.

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 05 May 2009 10:02:19 -0700
Nigel Wade wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote:

I was wondering about and hoping for a way to embed or control a web
browser from within a Java application. It doesn't have to be
cross-platform, but that is a bonus.

It also doesn't have to be Firefox, but that is a big bonus. My project
is basically going to monitor some of my favorite sites, and when they
change, download the latest version of them for offline viewing. It
would be nice if there could be a good integration with FF's rendering

Do you need to integrate the rendering? Could you use an external FF

Integrated rendering would be a huge benefit. I'm working on something
that may have an interface similar to a mail reader, so one pane that
lists the items, and another pane that renders the selected item. Having
to load the item into another window would be an unfortunate user

As I understand it (it's not something I've even looked into, never mind
actually tried) you can communicate with a running FF process via a socket.
Also, if you run FF and FF determines that another instance is already running
on that display then instead of starting a new instance it sends a message to
the running app. asking it to display the requested URL.

I considered that approach, but I'd rather avoid sockets and processes
where possible. Especially since I'd prefer this to be integrated anyway.


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