Re: Java applet - Read data from text file

Mark Space <>
Sat, 09 May 2009 19:14:56 -0700
dlong.gsc wrote:

Thanks for the ideas everyone. Unfortunately, I'm embarassed to admit,
the problem was caused by me making a bad assumption. My applet is in
the file, which I've stored in the public_html directory on
me computer. When compiled with javac, I got math.class and math
$1.class. I assumed that math$1.class was a temporary file and never
uploaded it to the server. It isn't. Thanks for the help anyway.

You may wish to use this as an opportunity to test some debugging
techniques. For example, if you enable the Java console, do you see an
error relating to the missing math$1.class file?

What about a network sniffer or Firebug (runs in Firefox)? Can you see
the bad request and the response? (I'm assuming the classes are lose
and not in a .jar... you won't see any request... I think.. if
everything is in one Jar.)

What about error logging? Can you construct a logger such that even
this low level error is recorded somewhere (maybe use SocketHandler and
send results back to the server)?

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