Re: The greeting code in Java

From: (Stefan Ram)
19 Jun 2011 20:53:59 GMT
Joshua Cranmer <Pidgeot18@verizon.invalid> writes:

C++ stack constructed-objects, references, #include (trust me, beginners
can get very confused about #include, as simple as it looks), and

  Well, in my own classes, the explanation I give is this:

      1. When a program uses certain names, it also needs to
         have a corresponding #include line at the start.
         For example, when a program uses ?::std::cout?,
         ?#include <iostream>? is required.

      2. Here is a list of names and the #include-lines needed:

             ::std:setprecision #include <iomanip>
             ::std:fmtflags #include <ios>
             ::std:boolalpha #include <ios>
             ::std:streamsize #include <ios>
             ::std:ostream:precision #include <ios>
             ::std::cout #include <iostream>

And, naturally, any talk of C++ being simpler becomes hard to stomach

  To explain the program, one would need to explain how the
  operator << can be combined to the expression with two <<'s
  (this has to do with the value of the operation, but then
  one also needs to explain while in ?if( ::std::cout < 2 )?
  it has a totally different value), but that there is no
  sequence points, so that one has to be careful with side
  effects and how actually the operator << is resolved
  although it is not defined in the global namespace, which is
  only made possible by ADL, which many experts have
  difficulties to explain, because its rules are quite
  complicated, then also, how << is overloaded for different
  argument types, and why the statement
  ::std::cout << 4<2 << '\n';
  gives and error, but why the expressions
  4 << 2
  is possible, although ?4? is no stream at all.

  The new C++ standard has more than 1300 pages, but this is
  base on the C standard with more than 500 pages. These are
  nearly 1900 pages of a text in a condensed technical
  language, yet the language does not allow to access a
  directory of the filesystem or a socket of the network.

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