COM, again

From: (Stefan Ram)
11 Dec 2011 21:33:26 GMT
  To communicate with an externally-supplied Microsoft?
  COM component, there are several options:

    - Jacob

    - Jawin

    - org.eclipse.swt.ole.win32

    - JNI and custom code

    - Win32 interface code (C, C++) communicating with
      the COM-component via COM and with the
      Java application via another interface (see below)

        - .net interface code (C#), instead

    - something else?

  ?Another interface? might be

    - a socket

    - a database

    - the filesystem

    - Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "cominterface command" )
      (doing this for every COM call)

    - something else

  I have heard that some people had some difficulties with
  Jacob/Jawin, e.g., when using COM events IIRC. Does anyone
  know anything about the current (that is, 2011) state of
  these projects or similar projects, e.g., whether some of
  them are still well-maintained? Or whether one of them today
  is clearly better or more field-tested than the other?
  Or is known to be relativly bug-ridden or bug-free?

  Yes, I could as well write the whole application in C++ or
  C#, but I prefer Java for most of the application, but need
  to access an externally-supplied COM component.

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