Re: Any book that explains how to implement transactions?

From: (Stefan Ram)
15 Dec 2011 09:55:19 GMT
Saxo <> writes:

I have book with the title "How Tomcat Works". It basically explains
in detail how to implement a simple web server. The final result, of
course, does not compare to something like Tomcat. But you are truly
shown how to implement a true little web server in Java. Awesome!

while( true )
{ final socket = serverSocket.accept(); ... }

Now I'm looking for a similar book that shows you how to implement

  First, do all actions that might fail, but try to not change
  the target state (global state). Then, if nothing did fail,
  change the target state recording undo information, but try
  to do this with actions that cannot fail. Then, if anything
  did fail during the preceding two steps, undo all changes to
  the target state recording these undo actions, too. (I just
  invented this with no preceding experience on the field.)

  The recording of undoable actions and undo actions should
  write start and end messages for each action to a permanent
  medium, so that the transaction can be completed even when
  interrupted. To do this, the system resume procedure should
  look for such records when a system is restarted after a
  preceding abnormal ending and then resume all interrupted

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