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On Nov 21, 7:53 pm, Yogi <> wrote:

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On Nov 17, 5:30 pm, Sabine Dinis Blochberger <no.s...@here.invali=



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Yogi wrote:

I am new to java and db connection pooling. I tried using=


DBCP for connection pool for my web application. Was t=

rying to do

similar thing for a standalone server (not a web based). =

 I tried

using DBCP but i am getting strange results. In my str=

ing variables,

i am getting "???" as output whereas for int variables i =

am getting

correct values when i m trying to read from database.

Make sure you use the correct encoding when connecting to t=

he databse,

for example, UTF-8. Refer to the manual of the database and=

 JDBC driver

for specifics.

This could be only a display problem then - on your other envir=


you don't have the correct locales installed.

I am using Eclipse to execute my program and getting "???" in
Eclipse's console. One of my friend suggested to check for dep=


jars while using Apache's DBCP. But what I am bothered about i=

s, if

dependent jars are not available, it should not give me correct v=


for integer placeholders as well. Any comments?

If you were missing libraries, you would get an Exception telling y=



Ok, from the Javadocs [0]:

"public void print(String s)
Prints a string. If the argument is null then the string "null" is
printed. Otherwise, the string's characters are converted into byte=


according to the platform's default character encoding, and these b=


are written in exactly the manner of the write(int) method.

s - The String to be printed"

Instead of using System.out.println, use a logging facility?
Or set your environments default character encoding to UTF-8 [1]?



[1] <


Ok. This might be one of the issues. I will check your solutions a=


will update you. Thanks a ton for your inputs. :)

Still no progress. Here is how I modified my Test class:
   public static void main(String[] args){
           Test t1 = new Test();

           List <DInfo> dList = EngineDBManager.getDInfo(=


           BufferedWriter out=null;
           try {
               out = new BufferedWriter(new FileWrite=


           }catch(Exception e){
                  System.out.println("Not able to ope=

n file for writing");


           OutputStreamWriter out1 = new OutputStreamWrit=


           System.out.println("Printing Encoding type here:=

" +


           DInfo d = null;
           if (dList == null){
              System.out.println("DInfo is null");
                   for (int i=0;i < dList.size();=


                             d = (DInfo=

) dList.get(i);


rintln("Id=" + d.getDID() + " Desc=" + d.getDDesc


te("\nId="+ d.getDID() + " Desc=" + d.getDDesc());


tion e){


out.println("error writing to file for=" +

           }catch(Exception e){


I am getting "???" description. I changed encoding of Eclipse to UTF=


I tried all possible ways but still no success. Any setting required
in eclipse or at db level? Any suggestions?

Hi Guys,
got it working. Its my stupidity that I did not include
"nls_classes12.jar" in my classpath. After doing that it is working
perfectly fine.
If you have Oracle installed, you will get this jar from $ORACLE_HOME/
jdbc/lib path. Hope this helps. :)

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