Re: Composition vs. inheritance

From: (Stefan Ram)
23 Apr 2008 16:33:58 GMT
Todd <> writes:

Obviously, I am missing something fundamental, so I apologize if I
seem to be going in circles (no pun intended).

  When you answer to a post, you should only quote
  the parts you directly refer to. Google Groups
  is not a good newsreader.

  The whole rectangle square discussion only stems
  from insufficiant care to distinguish between
  value and storage objects.

  Let Q be the set of ?quarternary digits? {0,1,2,3},
  its subset {0,1} is called B; B is ?the set of
  binary digits?. The inclusion

      B c Q (B is a subset of Q)

  is valid.

  A quartary storage q* can store a quartary digit. It
  also might be used to store a binary digit. However, one
  can not use any binary storage to store any quartenary digit.

  So, for the set of binary storages B* and the set of
  quartary storages Q*:

      Q* c B* (Q* is a subset of B*)

  In general, if every B value is a Q value, then every Q storage
  is a B storage.

  If one now does not care to distinguish between values and
  memories, this would be worded as ?If every B is a Q, then
  every Q is a B?, which is false.

  The rectangle square problem only exists as long as one does
  not make it clear whether one wants to model rectangle and
  square /values/ or rectangle and square /storages/.


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