Re: Use of < and > in XML

From: (Stefan Ram)
2 Aug 2008 16:15:50 GMT
Roedy Green <> writes:

Is this correct. In garden variety XML you can't have the
characters < and > in your data.

  There is no ?garden variety XML?. There is XML 1.0

  and XML 1.1

  . Both do not differ with regard to your question.

You could only have them if you did some voodoo
to define the entities. The Entity definition is part of a
DTD, not he document itself.

  The word ?entity? does have another meaning in XML than you

      ?An XML document may consist of one or many storage units.
      These are called entities;?

  For example, the whole XML document is an entity,
  the ?document entity?.

  You can represent ?<? and ?>? in XML as data characters in
  several ways.

  The most direct way is a CDATA section.

      ?<![CDATA[<greeting>Hello, world!</greeting>]]>?

  Another example would be:


  You can use character references for them:
  ?&#60;? for ?<?, and ?&#62;? for ?>?. See:

  You can use entity references for them:
  ?&lt;? for ?<?, and ?&gt;? for ?>?.
  These are entity /references/, not entities. Also see:

  Finally, The use of ?>? within data is allowed:

      ?CharData ::= [^<&]* - ([^<&]* ']]>' [^<&]*)?

  Only ?<? is not CharData. So this is well-formed XML:

      <?xml version="1.0"?><greeting>Hello>>>world!</greeting>

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