Re: Can not disable USB stick - ubuntu 10.04

Lew <>
Tue, 20 Mar 2012 13:49:50 -0700 (PDT)
nescafe wrote:

Roedy Green wrote:

nescafe wrote:

The only thing that is working is automount option. If i disable this (
in gconf ) it will not load USB auto start, but when you start nautilus
you can still see "Verbatim USB storage" and you can access it.

is there a way to uninstall the driver or to turn it off in bios?

If i [sic] turn it off in bios then i [sic] have to shut down all usb [sic] ports.
On the other side this is not good solution becuse i [sic] must be able to
start it when ever i [sic] need to, without rebooting.
I have one small verification program. If you enter correct username and
password , you get jdialog [sic] where you can choose to start or to stop usb [sic]

Like lew [sic] has wrote it's not directly java question but nevertheless
there must be some answer to this.

Not in Java.

This is not a Java question.

Maybe to find and block loading of usb [sic] driver ?
Maybe i [sic] can set java [sic] program to load on system startup and to block all
usb [sic] ports. But then again, none of upper commands are working.

I'm sorry, "upper commands"?

What are those?

Damn !
What to do. I can not be the first one with this kind of problem :-)

Ask in an appropriate forum.

Do a web search (e.g., Google).

Check out stackoverflow.

You want to do something spectacularly non-portable. Java is very likely the wrong tool for this.

Ask somewhere appropriate. This isn't that place. This is, a forum for discussion of Java programming issues.

*Java* programming issues.


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