Re: how to iterate through a map in struts

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9 Apr 2007 21:35:38 -0700
On Apr 10, 9:19 am, "Tim B" <> wrote:

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On Apr 10, 1:46 am, "Tim B" <> wrote:

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i am confused about iterating through a map in struts.
i hav a form bean LoginForm.and a getter mathod getID(),which returns
the values of a map if passed the key as code..
/*public String getId(String key)
return (String)mapelements(key);
public Object mapelements(String key)
Map x=new HashMap();
return x.get(key);
now i want to print this in the jsp page where i am fowarding from
this is my action code..
LoginForm obj=(LoginForm)form;
HttpSession session=req.getSession();

and in the forwarded jsp page i want to print the values of the

please help....

Here's an example using Struts tags.

<bean:define name="myRequestScopedBean" property="theMap" id="myMap"/>
      <logic:iterate id="mapEntry" name="myMap" >
           <bean:write name="mapEntry" property="key"/> <bean:write
name="mapEntry" property="value"/>
      </logic:iterate>- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Thank you for your suggestions.but i have some questions.
<bean:define name="myRequestScopedBean" property="theMap" id="myMap"/>
here we are defining the bean in request scope and the map name,which
is there inside i right?

Actually we are finding the bean in request scope. If it's not there,an
exception will be thrown. The bean (form bean or whatever) has a property
named "theMap" which is a java.util.Map

with id="myMap" we are just giving this map a local (to the jsp) name so
we can refer to it later in the logic:iterate tag

<logic:iterate id="mapEntry" name="myMap" >
here what is this "myMap"? is it just the id of the

not the id of myRequestScopedBean, but the id of the Map contained in

<bean:write name="mapEntry" property="key"/> <bean:write

here mapEntry points to the id of the iterate tag....but what is the
property key?, and also what is the value of the next line.
my doubt is that,do we have to write the getter methods for
can you please give me the methods of the form bean....

if theMap is a java.util.Map, the Struts tag will take care of accessing
the keys and values of the Map for you. You must literally use
property="key" and property="value". You do not have to write any getters
and setters other than those in the form bean for "theMap". These will be
in standard bean format - getTheMap and setTheMap.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

but for the methods getTheMap and setTheMap what shoul be the
parameter and the return values.
public Map getTheMap()
return this.theMap;
public void setTheMap(Map newMap)

is it so?.

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