Struts RequestAware and FreeMarker

 Q1tum <>
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 14:34:13 -0000
Hi all,

I started learning JSP / Java. At the moment I have a problem and
could not find the solution on the internet, I hope someone can reply
to my post with a sollution:

My problem is that I'm not able to get Post or Get variables within a
Freemarker template file.

I'm extending a Class that is SessionAware and RequestAware:

public class TutorialSupport extends ActionSupport
    implements RequestAware, SessionAware {

    private Map Session = null;
    private Map Request = null;

    public Map getSession() {
        return Session;

    public void setSession(Map Session) {
        this.Session = Session;

    public Map getRequest() {
        return Request;

    public void setRequest(Map request) {
        this.Request = request;

public class MessageAction extends TutorialSupport {

In the template file I use the following to access the Session Map:


This works fine and displays my login name.

But when I want to try the same with ${}

The URL I used was messages.action?id=1, so I thought that $
{} would display 1. but I get an Exception:

Expression is undefined on line 12, column 3 in ftl/

When I display ${Request} in the template I get this Exception:

Error on line 12, column 3 in ftl/messages.ftl
Expecting a string, date or number here, Expression Request is instead
a freemarker.ext.servlet.HttpRequestHashModel

I hope my issue is explained good and someone can give me the solution
about how to display POST and GET variables in a FreeMarker Template.



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