"tcl" <>
14 Dec 2006 18:42:57 -0800
The following is not my code, but I have to maintain it.
The two classes have been simplified to get to the point,
try-catch blocks, among other things, are omitted.
MyStuff has a main thread run(). And clients call
addNotification() at times.
Calling the addNotification() method in a myStuff object
sometimes hangs indefinitely.
- should the calls mySem.release()
  and mySem.acquire() be enclosed inside the synchronized blocks?
- can anyone tell me what could cause the deadlock or hanging?
Thanks a million,

class semaphore
   private long myCount = 0;
   public semaphore() {myCount = 0;}
   public void acquire()
         while(myCount == 0){ wait(); }
   public synchronized void release()

class myStuff
    private LinkList myList=null;
    private semaphore mySem = null;
    public myStuff()
       myList = new LinkList();
       mySem = new semaphore()
    public void addNotification(xyz a)
    public void run()
           xyz ref=null;
              ref = myList.removeFirst();

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