log4j blocking problem

"mehmet bilgin" <mehmetbilgin@gmail.com>
5 Apr 2007 05:13:16 -0700
i am using log4j with jboss application server.
the smtpappender doesnot fulfill my needs so i write another
this appender has an attribute name String mailTo.
so you can change the mailto address from the xml file.
i have an asyncappender which contains a reference to the my
since jboss also uses log4j and it has a log4j.xml file i write my
loggers in that file.
and as you know jboss has a thread that checks whether this file
changed or not.

think of a position that asyncappender has 5 event in its queue.
at that moment if i make a change in the log4j.xml file (change the
mailto value) jboss thread tries to update the
mailTo field of my appender. But since there is an ongoing event in
that appender this thread is get blocked.
if again at that moment i send another event to my appender it also
gets blocked (so my sessionbean gets blocked).
what happens is first the 5 events in the queue is processed and then
the mailTo field updated and finally
my session bean finishes the logging event.

what i want is my session bean never gets blocked. how can i do that.

        <appender name="EMAIL"
                <param name="mailFrom" value="xxx"/>
                <param name="subject" value="yyy"/>
                <param name="bufferSize" value="1" />
                <param name="mailTo" value="mehmetbilgin@gmail.com"/>

    <appender name="AsyncEmail"
                <param name="blocking" value="false" />
      <appender-ref ref="EMAIL"/>

        <logger name="EmailLogger" additivity="false">
                <level value="error"/>
                <appender-ref ref="AsyncEmail" />
 * This singleton class is used for logging
public class MyLogger {

        private static final Logger emailLogger = Logger

        private static volatile MyLogger instance = null;

        private boolean debug = true;

        private boolean emailOption = true;

        protected MyLogger() {

        public static MyLogger getInstance() {
                if (instance == null) {
                        synchronized (MyLogger.class) {
                                if (instance == null) {
                                        instance = new MyLogger();
                return instance;

        public void warn(String message) {

        public void error(String message) {
                emailLogger.error(message); // my session bean gets
blocked at this line

sorry for my english
that is all i can do.

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