JXTable packColumns JRE1.

"Timasmith" <timasmith@THRWHITE.remove-dii-this>
Wed, 27 Apr 2011 15:35:58 GMT
  To: comp.lang.java.gui

I am using Java 1.6 and executed the JXTables packColumns only to find
that the UI is hanging. I use JGoodies so not sure if that is related
but how can I troubleshoot this? If I run in debug and get the
stacktrace this is what I find - UIDefaults hung after issuing a
'wait' command

Thread [AWT-EventQueue-0] (Suspended)
    Object.wait(long) line: not available [native method]
    UIDefaults(Object).wait() line: 485 [local variables unavailable]
    UIDefaults.getFromHashtable(Object) line: 174
    UIDefaults.get(Object) line: 144
    MyTable(JTable).getDefaultRenderer(Class<?>) line: 1252
    MyTable(JTable).getCellRenderer(int, int) line: 5620
    BasicTableUI.paintCell(Graphics, Rectangle, int, int) line: 2066
    BasicTableUI.paintCells(Graphics, int, int, int, int) line: 1969
    BasicTableUI.paint(Graphics, JComponent) line: 1765
    BasicTableUI(ComponentUI).update(Graphics, JComponent) line: 143
    MyTable(JComponent).paintComponent(Graphics) line: 758
    MyTable(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1022
    JViewport(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    JViewport(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    JViewport.paint(Graphics) line: 747
    MyScrollPane(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    MyScrollPane(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    MyPanel(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    MyPanel(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    MySplitPane(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    MySplitPane(JSplitPane).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 1026
    MySplitPane(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    MySplitPane(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    MySplitPane(JSplitPane).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 1026
    MySplitPane(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    JPanel(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    JPanel(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    JLayeredPane(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    JLayeredPane(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    JLayeredPane.paint(Graphics) line: 564
    JRootPane(JComponent).paintChildren(Graphics) line: 859
    JRootPane(JComponent).paint(Graphics) line: 1031
    JRootPane(JComponent).paintToOffscreen(Graphics, int, int, int, int,
int, int) line: 5104
    BufferStrategyPaintManager.paint(JComponent, JComponent, Graphics,
int, int, int, int) line: 285
    RepaintManager.paint(JComponent, JComponent, Graphics, int, int, int,
int) line: 1128
    MyTable(JComponent)._paintImmediately(int, int, int, int) line: 5052
    MyTable(JComponent).paintImmediately(int, int, int, int) line: 4862
    RepaintManager.paintDirtyRegions(Map<Component,Rectangle>) line: 723
    RepaintManager.paintDirtyRegions() line: 679
    RepaintManager.seqPaintDirtyRegions() line: 659
    SystemEventQueueUtilities$ComponentWorkRequest.run() line: 128
    InvocationEvent.dispatch() line: 209
    EventQueue.dispatchEvent(AWTEvent) line: 597
    EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(int) line: 273
    EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(int, Conditional,
EventFilter) line: 183
    EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(int, Conditional,
Component) line: 173
    EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(int, Conditional) line: 168
    EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Conditional) line: 160
    EventDispatchThread.run() line: 121

In javax.swing.UIDefaults this is the code:

        /* If the LazyValue for key is being constructed by another
         * thread then wait and then return the new value, otherwise
         * the lock and construct the ActiveValue or the LazyValue.
         * We use the special value PENDING to mark LazyValues that
         * are being constructed.
        synchronized(this) {
            value = super.get(key);
            if (value == PENDING) {
                do {
                    try {
                        this.wait(); <<<<<<<=====
Hung here
                    catch (InterruptedException e) {
                    value = super.get(key);
                while(value == PENDING);
                return value;
            else if (value instanceof LazyValue) {
                super.put(key, PENDING);
            else if (!(value instanceof ActiveValue)) {
                return value;

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