Re: Better solution for reading a line from the input for every 100ms?

Patricia Shanahan <>
Wed, 16 May 2007 12:59:31 -0700
<f2fnr3$2707$> wrote:

On May 16, 1:26 pm, "Matt Humphrey" <> wrote:

<> wrote in message
|I 'm kind of get stuck of finding the best solution for reading a line
| from the input file for every 100ms.
| My code is the following:
| while ( (currentLine = bis.readLine()) != null) {
| SimpleThread cc= new SimpleThread("Sleeping for 100ms");
| cc.start();
| //**** Code to read the file
| ....
| ...
| //***************************
| }
| the cc.starts runs sleep(100),so the thread sleeps 100ms. The while
| loop executes until end of file
| Is it the right way to read a line for every 100ms? Is there better
| way to do it?

No--your code causes a separate thread to wait without slowing down the
reading. If you want the reading of each line to be delayed by 100ms, just
put Thread.sleep(100) in the loop to make it wait each time around. There's
no need for a separate thread.

It seems very unusual to me to slow down reading. Perhaps if you explain
why you want to do it someone can help find a better solution for what you
are really trying to accomplish.

Matt Humphrey m...@ivizNOSPAM.com

I need to read every line per 100ms, in order to simulate the input to
a video network.

You may get more accurate timing if you think in terms of popping the
head item from a BlockingQueue every 100 ms, and have a separate thread
that just reads data and puts it on the queue. When the queue is full,
it will wait for space.

The queue would provide a buffer, insulating the once every 100 ms
activities from I/O latency.


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