Re: Launch a new java app from a java program

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 02 Jul 2007 14:55:36 GMT
Yao Qi wrote:

It is not suitable for all situations, and he OP has since(?)
clarified that this task needs to be done in a separate JVM.

And to the OP - do you now see the advantage of actually
*describing* the problem domain, rather than simply give a
vague description and 'what you want to do'?

Is OP me here?

Yes. OP stands for the 'Original Poster' - the person
that started the thread.

...I think I described my question clearly. Here is what I
posted here in this thread,

"I want to write a java program A to launch another java app B. I hope I
could configure the argument of VM to launch java app B, just like what
Eclipse JDT does.(Eclipse is a java program, and it could launch other
java apps.) I do not want to create a new thread for java app B. I
prefer to run java app B on another process separately."

Is the description vague?


...If there is something confusing, point it
out. I would like to improve my English skills. :)

Your english skills are fine. Apparently a lot better than
mine on the day I misread the question and made that
remark, ..or it's been a long thread and I missed some
details, or..(insert other pathetic excuses here) ;-)

One thing I did notice in my browsings of this thread and
*links*, is that ProcessBuilder seems to be the preferred
way to go about getting a Process, rather than calling

Has that been explicitly mentioned/discussed?

Andrew Thompson

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