Re: XML Parsing Puzzle

Patricia Shanahan <>
Sat, 06 May 2006 15:11:01 GMT
<9037g.6046$> wrote:

There is an XML selective parsing puzzle that I haven't been able to
figure out.

I've got some XML source that I'm reading using SAX (ie: SAXBuilder
builder = new SAXBuilder(); Document doc =
StringReader(bpSource));Element root = doc.getRootElement();) I can
get everything I need out of the XML, that's not the problem. It's a
logic problem with picking and choosing what to include and what to
discard based on a second input.

The inputs to the program are 1)an XML file, and 2) an array of
numbers. Those numbers represent which choice statements will be


Unless the original file is VERY big, I would split this into two problems:

1. Parse the whole XML file, building an internal tree representation,
using e.g. JDOM.

2. Scan the internal representation, top down, pruning out the select
and the things that were not selected at each choice. Increment the
array index each time you use a number to make a decision.


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