Re: How to insert CDATA in an XmlBean tag!

"Daniel Pitts" <>
6 Apr 2007 08:51:58 -0700
On Apr 6, 3:16 am, "Francesco" <> wrote:

On 5 Apr, 02:29, "Daniel Pitts" <> wrote:

On Apr 4, 8:20 am, "Francesco" <> wrote:


I have a problem using XmlBean with special characters. I don't want
to convert special characters, but leave it using CDATAelement.

If I try in my code to use :
//the object Description is an object of my xsd sxhema given by
Descriptions.Description tagDescription =
tagDescription.addNewText().setStringValue("<![CDATA[" +(String)
resulSet[13]+ "]]>");

My output xml like this:
          <Description Language="it">
            <Text>&lt;![CDATA[L?Hotel Novotel Vienna Ovest =E8 ubicato
nell?ovest di Vienna, vicino all?autostrada A1. Questo bell?albergo si
trova a soli 10 minuti dal castello.=C8 possibile ottenere il servizio
di baby sitter su richiesta di quei genitori che vogliano andare in
gita turistica e passare il tempo insieme. Per chi viaggia per lavoro
ci sono: connessioni internet, fax, copiatrice e stampatrice. Le
attivit=E0 ricreative dei dintorni includono una pista per jogging,
tennis da tavolo ed un campo da pallavolo. ]]&gt;</Text>

As you can see "<![CDATA[" is convert in "&lt;![CDATA[". Why?
How can I do?

Thanks for all help,

Why do you want to add CDATA? The text is escaped automatically for
you, so you don't need/want <![CDATA[ escaping.- Nascondi testo tra vir=

golette -

- Mostra testo tra virgolette -

Yes, but..
the character "'" is converted with "?" !!

How can I reconvert these characters?
Is there any java escape functions?

Hmm... Are you sure that the "'" is converted to "?"? Can you post an
sscce so that we can better help you?


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