Re: Getting to the root node of an xml document

"Mike Schilling" <>
Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:01:27 GMT
Rodolphe G wrote:

Mike, that would be here :

WWXMLSitesLayer("SITES.xml", "Sites d'?tude")

Here's the class:

public class WWXMLSitesLayer extends IconLayer implements
SelectListener {

    public WWXMLSitesLayer(String fileName, String layerName)
        this.loadIcons(readXML(new File(fileName)), layerName);

    // Load icons from XML document named layer
    private void loadIcons(Document doc, String layerName) {

    // Get LayerSet node
        // Node node = findLayerSetByName(doc, layerName);
    Node node = doc.getElementsByTagName("dataroot").item(0);

    if(node == null)
        return; // TODO: throw exception


Presumably it's inside readXML(), then. At any rate, if doc is non-null but
doc.getDocumentElement() is nul, you've got an empty document, which you
wouldn't have if it were produced by parsing the XML file you showed.

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