Re: Xml doc = dom.parseString(request.getReader());

 Daniel Pitts <>
Mon, 24 Sep 2007 14:02:41 -0000
On Sep 24, 5:36 am, gert <> wrote:

On Sep 24, 5:34 am, Daniel Pitts <> wrote:

On Sep 23, 8:05 pm, gert <> wrote:

On Sep 24, 4:31 am, Daniel Pitts <> wrote:

On Sep 23, 6:05 pm, gert <> wrote:

On Sep 24, 2:46 am, gert <> wrote:

I get a java.lang.NullPointerException when i do this ?

try {doc = parser.parse(xmlText);}
catch (SAXException ex){out.println(" <error>"+ex+"</error>\n");}

Debugger or compiler doesn't give me any warnings or anything ?

Why do i always get a 500 response ?

try {doc = parser.parse(new InputSource(in));}
catch (SAXException ex){out.println(" <error>"+ex+"</error>\n");}

deployed with moduleid = www
StandardWrapperValve[query]: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet
query threw exception
        at query.doPost(

What is on line 37 of

BTW, Class names (and therefor .java files) should always start with a
capitol case letter. "Query" would then be appropriate.

Make sure that "parser" is an actual value, and not just null. You
need to get it from the

Here is the source code.
Feel free to give allot of suggestions :)

NullPointerException refers to,
doc = parser.parse(new InputSource(in));

Add somewhere:
parser = DocumentBuilderFactory().newInstance().newDocumentBuilder()

import javax.xml.parsers.*;

DocumentBuilder parser = null;
parser = DocumentBuilderFactory().newInstance().newDocumentBuilder();

I am sorry i must misunderstand something because the compiler doesn't
like it telling me it cant find the symbols.

I'm sorry, I had a typo. I added a spurious "()"
Try this: DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance().newDocumentBuilder()

Also, try using you own discretion when copying peoples examples. You
aren't going to be successful as a programmer unless you can figure
things out on your own.

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