Re: How to convert CSV row to Java object?

Tom Anderson <>
Sun, 29 Aug 2010 22:09:57 +0100
On Sun, 29 Aug 2010, Mike Schilling wrote:

"Tom Anderson" <> wrote in message

On Sat, 28 Aug 2010, Mike Schilling wrote:

"Tom Anderson" <> wrote in message

But then, half the XML out there today uses namespaces, and there is no
coherent spec for namespaces. Yes, there is a spec, but you can't
actually use it in practice without violating the main XML spec.


Basically, DTD doesn't know about namespaces. It works against the
names as written in the file, not the way they're interpreted via the
namespace mechanism. [...] virtually nobody uses DTDs, so this is not
as bad as it seems (to me).

That's the big one. DTDs were a botch; otherwise, XML would have been
rev'ed to include namespace-aware DTDs.

But i still boggle at the fact that the namespace guys managed to write
a spec that fails so completely to interoperate with the spec it's
built on top of.

But "fails to interoperate with an optional, obsolescent feature" isn't
the same as "can't actually use it in practice without violating the
main XML spec.".


I personally don't accept that DTDs were a botch; they're limited, but i
don't see any inherent problems with them. I certainly don't see that the
profusion of different possible replacements that we suffered wth for
years after they went out of fashion was an improvement. Schema is better,
but I don't see how it fixes any fundamental flaws, or indeed any flaws
that couldn't have been fixed with an incremental improvement of DTD.



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