Re: Sorting the list control from callback function

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:24:20 -0700
Maybe this article will help you some:


<> wrote in message

8/28/2006 2:44 AM

I am using a callback function for sorting the list control in report

When user clicks on the header column then I call this function

here is the code :

void snip_CListCtrl_SortItems()
// The pointer to my list view control.
extern CListCtrl* pmyListCtrl;

// Sort the list view items using my callback procedure.
pmyListCtrl->SortItems(MyCompareProc, (LPARAM) pmyListCtrl);

static int CALLBACK
MyCompareProc(LPARAM lParam1, LPARAM lParam2, LPARAM lParamSort)
// lParamSort contains a pointer to the list view control.
CListCtrl* pListCtrl = (CListCtrl*) lParamSort;
CString strItem1 = pListCtrl->GetItemText(lParam1, 0);
CString strItem2 = pListCtrl->GetItemText(lParam2, 0);

return strcmp(strItem2, strItem1);

but the problem I found that lParam1 and lParam2 have the same valueb
i.e. 0,0 for each call,

how can I set that values and also how can I sort the sub items values
if I click on that column.


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