Re: CListCtrl.GetNextSelectedItem doesnot seem to work.

"Ashot Geodakov" <>
Fri, 2 Mar 2007 14:44:56 -0700

If you remove all the code that you added to this sample (item processing,
etc.), will it work as you describe it?

Is it possible that you process a selected item by removing it from the

Can you run just the raw MSDN sample without any additional code and tell us
if it behaves as you said?

thank you

"pj" <> wrote in message


I am trying to use this code from msdn to get the list of selected
rows in the container of the CListCtrl (multi select mode). It works
fine if the user selects 2 rows. But for more that that, it doesnot
work. "pos" will point to NULL after two rows.

MSDN code:
POSITION pos = pList->GetFirstSelectedItemPosition();
if (pos == NULL)
  //TRACE0("No items were selected!\n");
  while (pos)
     int nItem = pList->GetNextSelectedItem(pos);
     //TRACE1("Item %d was selected!\n", nItem);
     // you could do your own processing on nItem here

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here.


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