Re: GetCheck not working for CListView

=?Utf-8?B?Q2hyaXMgQmFrZXI=?= <>
Thu, 3 May 2007 02:11:02 -0700

My apologies,

I was trying to read the checkboxes to prepare for new data I was putting
into the report, however I was clearing the list items a few lines before
trying to read them.

I really should have spotted that.



"Tom Serface" wrote:

I've never used checks with a normal clistctrl (only with a virtual one).
In the case of the virtual list control I typically keep the check state in
my own structure (with the data) and set the bitmap in the OnGetDispInfo()
with code similar to this:

//Does the list need image information?
 if( pItem->mask & LVIF_IMAGE) {
  //To enable check box, we have to enable state mask...
  pItem->mask |= LVIF_STATE;
  pItem->stateMask = LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK;

  if(pFileItem->m_bChecked) {
   //Turn check box on
  else {
   //Turn check box off

I set the style for the list control to include LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES so the
images are available. I check for the user's click using code like:

void CMyDlg::OnNMClickList(NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
    *pResult = 0;

 //Copy click point = pNMListView->ptAction;

 //Make the hit test...
 int nItem = m_cList.HitTest(&hitinfo);

 if(hitinfo.flags != LVHT_ONITEMSTATEICON)
  return; // Didn't click on an icon

 if(m_cList.GetItemState(nItem,LVIS_SELECTED) != LVIS_SELECTED) {
  // They clicked on one that is not selected... just change it
  CFileItem *pItem = (CFileItem *)m_pCurrentFileItemArray->GetAt(nItem);
  pItem->m_bChecked = !pItem->m_bChecked;
  *pResult = 1;

 // In case they have more than one selected check or uncheck them all
 if(nItem != -1) {

  // Get the checked state from the one they clicked on
  CFileItem *pItem = (CFileItem *)m_pCurrentFileItemArray->GetAt(nItem);
  BOOL bChecked = !pItem->m_bChecked;

  UINT nCount = m_cList.GetSelectedCount();
  // Update all of the selected items.
  if (nCount > 0) {
   nItem = -1;
   for (UINT i=0;i < nCount;i++) {
       nItem = m_cList.GetNextItem(nItem, LVNI_SELECTED);

    pItem = (CFileItem *)m_pCurrentFileItemArray->GetAt(nItem);
    pItem->m_bChecked = bChecked;
   *pResult = 1;

I'm not sure any of this helps you, but I know this code works and I don't
know if you're using a virtual or normal list control.


"Chris Baker" <> wrote in message

Sorry, that was a mistake, it didn't work

"Chris Baker" wrote:

I found this and it works.....

CListCtrl& lc = GetListCtrl();
UINT uiState = lc.GetItemState(nItem, LVIS_SELECTED);

"Chris Baker" wrote:

I am trying to read the checkboxes in a listview


return ListView_GetCheckState (GetListCtrl().m_hWnd, nItem);


return GetListCtrl().GetCheck(nItem);

work at all. Any ideas?

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