Re: CListCtrl size at runtime

=?Utf-8?B?R2FyeQ==?= <>
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 18:11:01 -0800
I guess my OnGetItemInfo() function corresponding to the ON_GETDISPINFO macro
is never geting called ?

If so then why would that be happening ?


"Gary" wrote:

Ok, resolved the issue by setting the Owner Data to "true" through the
Properties window, I guess that is the way to do it, setting extended style
won't work.

But now my virtual list control doesn't display anything.

I did add a method corresponding to the macro:


Do I need to do anything else ?


"Gary" wrote:

My OnGetDIaspInfo() function is also straighforward:

   *pResult = 0;

   if (pDispInfo->item.mask & LVIF_TEXT)
      CString & parseStr = mStringList[pDispInfo->item.iItem];
      if (parseStr.GetLength() > 0)
         _tcsncpy_s( pDispInfo->item.pszText,
                     pDispInfo->item.cchTextMax - 1,
                     _TRUNCATE );
         CString txt = SafeLoadString( IDS_VIL_TEXT_ERR0 );
         _tcsncpy_s( pDispInfo->item.pszText,
                     pDispInfo->item.cchTextMax - 1,
                     _TRUNCATE );

Any pointers would be appreciated.


"Gary" wrote:

I tried setting the extended style by using SendMesage() but still it doesn't



"Gary" wrote:

I am getting an assetion and my virtual list control is not working.
I am doing somthing wrong ?

   mStringList[mItemsCount] = data;

   // Update the item count
   mMyListCtrl.SetItemCountEx( mItemsCount, flags );

In the above code I get assertion at SetItemCountEx() method.........
When I looked at this method in winctrl2.cpp I see the below assertion:

    // can't have dwFlags on a control that isn't virutal
    ASSERT(dwFlags == 0 || (GetStyle() & LVS_OWNERDATA));

But my control is virtual I do set the extended style to LVS_OWNERDATA.

   // Set extended style to full row select
   DWORD exStyle = mMyListCtrl.GetExtendedStyle() | LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT
                                    | LVS_EX_INFOTIP | LVS_OWNERDATA;
   mMyListCtrl.SetExtendedStyle( exStyle );

Any pointers ?


"Tom Serface" wrote:

Here's some info. Basically, you just change it to be owner drawn and add a
GetDispInfo() handler. Then you have to supply the data for each item when
it is requested in the callback. If you want a specific example drop me an
email with your address and I'll send you a sample project I just worked up
for an article I'm doing about using bitmap files as the icons in a list
control (virtual).


"Gary" <> wrote in message

Thanks Tom.

Do you have an example of converting a CListStrl to a virtual list control
Do I just need to use the flag LVS_OWNERDATA in my call to
setExtendedStyle() method of CListCtrl ?
Does setting the flag take care of making it a virtual list control ?


"Tom Serface" wrote:

I fully agree. It is so easy to set up and use it almost seems like it
should be the default. It is certainly not any more trouble than setting
the normal way. And with the ability to set the number of items
as well you can even have the thumb in the scroll bar work as though the
list was actually populated.


"AliR (VC++ MVP)" <AliR@online.nospam> wrote in message

Even a couple of hundred items with 2 or 3 sub items will take long
that you will have to switch to virtual list mode. If you ask me
list mode should be standard on list control, they should do away with
normal mode.


"Serge Wautier" <> wrote in message

I am not using virtual list control.....
I just want to keep on adding possibly millions of items at runtime

Then you're out of luck. My own experience is that virtual list mode
necessary to keep the list responsive at load AND destroy time as soon
you have more than a couple thousands items.

See Giovanni's answers for more details. FWIW, "owner-data" = "virtual


Serge. - Localization tool for your MFC

"Gary" <> wrote in message


I would like to know how many items can I insert into a CListCtrl....
I am not using virtual list control.....
I am just using CListCtrl in a form view..........

I just want to keep on adding possibly millions of items at runtime
them to a text file is user wants to...........

I don't want to load those many items..........

InsertItem() takes "int" as parameter CListCtrl should
(-2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647) items..........

I just want to make sure I can add as many items as I want at run

Any pointers would be apprciated.


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