Re: CListCtrl FindItem LVFI_PARAM

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 5 Mar 2009 10:11:09 -0800
Have you tried just modifying the data without doing the set new item
object? I don't think you need to make it that complex.

 m_myList.SetItemText(item.iItem, item.iSubItem, sName.c_str());
 m_myList.SetItemData(item.iItem, nID);


"rockdale" <> wrote in message

I have a CCtrlList with 2 columns.

My data contains ID NAME and ADDRESS, NAME is the column 0 and ADDRESS
is column 1. ID I put it in the lParam. When I try to finditem based
on the ID, I always get -1 back. Anybody can help? The CListCtrl is
not sortable.

Please see the following code, notice the ???? comment:

m_myList is a CListCtrl

Insert ITEM function

int iRow = 0;
LVITEM item;
iRow = m_lstSelectedUnits.GetItemCount();
item.mask = LVIF_TEXT| LVIF_PARAM;
item.iSubItem = 0;
item.iItem = iRow;

Update ITEM function
LVITEM item;
item.iItem = nRow;

item.mask = LVIF_TEXT| LVIF_PARAM;
item.iSubItem = 0;
item.pszText = (LPSTR)sName.c_str();
item.lParam = (LPARAM)nID;
m_myList.SetItemText(item.iItem, item.iSubItem, item.pszText);
m_myList.SetItemData(item.iItem, item.lParam);

item.mask = LVIF_TEXT;
item.iSubItem = 1;
item.pszText = (LPSTR)sAddr.c_str();
m_myList.SetItemText(item.iItem, item.iSubItem, item.pszText);

find ITEM function

if(m_myList.GetItemCount()==0) return -1;

toFind.flags = LVFI_PARAM;
toFind.lParam = nTransmitPointID;
int nRow = m_myList.FindItem(&toFind, -1);
      //???? nRow ALWAYS RETURN -1

LVITEM item;
for(int i=0; i< m_myList.GetItemCount(); i++)
int id = (int)m_myList.GetItemData(i);

item.iItem = i;
item.iSubItem = 0;
item.mask = LVIF_PARAM ;
              //?????THE item.lParam is not the lParam set in the
update function.

thanks in advance

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