Re: CListCtrl inserting data problem

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 13 Jan 2010 16:09:56 -0800
Hi Arun,

I'm not sure I totally understand the problem, but you should get an index
in the object that is passed in like:

    //Create a pointer to the item
    LV_ITEM* pItem= &(pDispInfo)->item;

    //Which item number?
    int nItem = pItem->iItem;

Then you can set up either a switch or long if statement:

    if (pItem->mask & LVIF_TEXT) {
        CString csText;

        //Which column?
        if(pItem->iSubItem == 0) {
        else if (pItem->iSubItem == 1) {

It may have something to do with how you are adding the new column in. Are
you resetting the list control somehow?

Could you post the code where you add the column?


"arun" <> wrote in message

LVN_GETDISPINFO event is getting fired 8 times when there are 7 columns in
the ListControl.
even if i add an extra column, still it is 7 times only...
do we need to set the no of columns anywhere?

please help me.... thanks in advance... :)


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