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mfc <>
Thu, 25 Nov 2010 12:16:09 -0800 (PST)
On 24 Nov., 22:23, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

See below...

On Wed, 24 Nov 2010 02:28:54 -0800 (PST), mfc <> wr=



I`ve installed a listcontrol item (report style) on a popup dialog.
I`ve created my own headercontrol and I use no scrollbars.

//called from the OnInitDialog() method of the dialog where the
listcontrol will be shown
void ImageListCtrl::Init(void)
   //another way to hide scrollbars
   FlatSB_EnableScrollBar(this->m_hWnd, SB_BOTH, ESB_DISABLE_BOTH);

And why do you need this->m_hWnd? And for that matter, why this->? You=

 could have written

and gotten the effect you desire. This is MFC. Of course, it is dee=

ply offensive that

there is not a CWnd::InitializeFlatSB method, but hey, it's only been aro=

und for a decade

or so, and we have to give the MFC folks a little time to catch up with r=


And oh, yes, did you notice it is no longer supported? RTFM.

Thank you for the hint. Is this the right place as well as the right
code to hide both scrollbars?

void ImageListCtrl::OnNcCalcSize(BOOL bCalcValidRects,
   //This removes both vertical and horizontal scrollbar. To remove
only vertical pass WS_VSCROLL
   ModifyStyle( WS_HSCROLL | WS_VSCROLL, 0 );
   CListCtrl::OnNcCalcSize(bCalcValidRects, lpncsp);

The member of my listcontrol class is: ImageListCtrl m_ListNodes

//OnButtonClick() handler:
void CStatePage::OnBnClickedNlistNext()
   UINT nbrOfItems = m_ListNodes.GetItemCount();

               //get height of one item to now the scro=


               CRect itemrect;
   m_ListNodes.GetItemRect(0,&itemrect, LVIR_BOUNDS);
   UINT height = itemrect.Height();

              int top = m_ListNodes.GetTopIndex();
              int newFirstItem=0;

              if(top < (nbrOfItems -10))
                     newFirstItem = top+10;

                     newFirstItem = nbrOfItems =

- nbrOfItems %10;


em , FALSE);

Which is probably going to cause another redraw, and recursive call on On=

Paint, and then

fall through and repaint everything again. You should consider a virtu=

al list control

(see Tom Serface's articles about virtual controls in the archives of thi=

s NG)


You`re right, with the virtual list it seems to work without

One last question to this topic: if the whole list contains 14 items
and the list can show 10 items at the same time; how is it possible
that only the last four items are shown on the second page of the
list??? With "second page" I mean, that these items will be shown if
you click on the "next" button to show these items


void CStatePage::OnBnClickedNlistNext()
    UINT nbrOfItems = m_ListNodes.GetItemCount();
    int itemAtTop = m_ListNodes.GetTopIndex();

    //insgesamt sollen 10 itesm angezeigt werden k=F6nnen pro Seite

    int newTopItem = itemAtTop + 2 * NBR_OF_VISIBLE_ITEMS ;

    if(newTopItem < nbrOfItems)
        m_ListNodes.EnsureVisible(newTopItem - 1, FALSE);

        m_ListNodes.EnsureVisible(nbrOfItems -1, FALSE);

With this code the second page will show the items [item5 - items14] -
but is it possible that this page will only show the list-items
[item11 - item14]?

best regards

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