Re: how to copy/paste international strings to the VS editor?

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 1 Jun 2006 09:04:29 -0700
Do you have the correct region code set. VS 2005 (and previous versions)
uses the code page to set up the RC file. I typically reboot before doing
any Asian languages.


"JD" <> wrote in message


I need to manually add a Japanese and a Chinese string to their
corresponding .rc files. These two strings are shown correctly in a words
document. But if I copy/paste them to the VS editor, they become many "?"
characters. Since the VS editor doesn't have the Chinese/Japenese fonts,
the Japanese and Chinese .rc files should show funny, unrecognizable
characters. That's not a problem. But it shouldn't show those "?"
characters. They just don't look like the rest of strings that were
previously shown correctly when installed to their corresponding languages
of Windows.

So, my question is how to copy/paste these two strings to the VS editor.
Any help is much appreciated.


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