Re: Setting the font for a dialog

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 09:33:29 -0600
First off, the best place to set the font is in the dialog template. This
can also affect the size of the controls, which I don't believe happens when
you set the font after the fact.

Second, when setting the font for a dialog box, the font must be maintained
for the life of that dialog box. In your example, the font is set but then
destroyed as soon as OnInitDialog() returns.

Finally, the best way to handle this might be to handle WM_GETFONT and
return your font there.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"hamishd" <> wrote in message

Hello.. I want to set the font within a dialog, so that font is applied
to all controls.

Here's what I'm doing in the OnInitDlg():

CFont DlgFont;
memset (&lf, 0, sizeof (LOGFONT));
_tcscpy (lf.lfFaceName, _T("Arial Bold"));
lf.lfWeight = 250;
lf.lfHeight = 14;

However, nothing happens.
Only if I go:
will the control's font change.

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