Re: What MFC Objects Can't be created on the Stack?

"Tom Serface" <>
Tue, 8 Aug 2006 11:38:48 -0700
Yeah, I got that from a subsequent post. I think you are talking about a
problem we all face with programming in general, although I do agree that it
would be nice if the destructors for some of the objects did the Detach()
call since when the object is going out of scope it would obviously not be
needed any more. Still, there are a lot of things in programming that are
left as an exercise for the programmer and that helps keep us all employed.
Unfortunate, in the case of GDIObjects it only does partial clean up and
leaves the rest for us. No doubt they could get smarter at this.


"Peter Olcott" <> wrote in message

I am not talking about memory, I am talking about cleaning up the GDI
objects, these should be self-cleaning. When I need to change fonts ALL
that I should be required to do is inform Win32/MFC of the font that I
want to change to. If it needs to create or delete anything, that should
not ever be my concern.

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