Re: debugging app crashes under Vista

David Wilkinson <>
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 11:26:15 -0500
David Ching wrote:

I've installed it on WinXP Pro but I do have VS2005 installed. I don't
think you should need to have VS2005, though. But if you do, it sets the
default font to be Consolas.

If you don't use ClearType, you may also want to try ProFont from

I just upgraded to a PNY 7600 GS for US$130. It's an nVidia chipset. Did
you have another monitor before getting a Samsung? If so, how did it look
with your ATI card?

Yes, strange about installing Consolas. I must investigate it further.

I tried Profont, but it looked kind of funky to me. I prefer the classic
look of Courier New (or Consolas). But Profont did look better than
other non-cleartype fonts on my system.

I was using a 19 inch CRT before, and it looked much better. But to tell
you the truth I have never been very happy with the text display with
this computer/card.

Actually, I have my new monitor in analog mode on a KVM switch (don't
wince; I've tried direct DVI and it does not seem any different to my
eyes). All the computers have Radeon cards (9800 Pro, X1300, 900
Mobility). The latter two look slightly better than the first (which is
my development machine ...). The X1300 computer is my test computer,
which is multi-booted, and I have to say that Vista looks better with
the same fonts.

David Wilkinson

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