Re: Why some French symbols are not displayed corrctly in CComboBox?

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 21 Mar 2007 11:03:35 -0700
I typically open the .RC file in Notepad then just save it as Unicode. From
then on VS works fine with it.


"Norbert Unterberg" <nunterberg@newsgroups.nospam> wrote in message

David Webber schrieb:

The application that uses this combo is a MFC app built with VS2005 and
is Unicode enabled. I'm runing it on a WinXP Pro with current locale set
I've already tried to change various fonts, but nether works.

How are you defining the strings?

Either _T("\x....tre") or L"\x....tre" should do. Where in this case
the .... is the four hex digit unicode point of the e-circumflex. [If
they're in the resource file you don't need _T() or L.]

Even if the strings are defined in the resource file, it can still fail if
you compile the french resource file on a bulgarian windows. The reason is
that visual studio supports unicode resource files, but does not use them
by default! So the resource files are still stored in the local code page.
Try to safe the resource file in unicode format and try again:



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