Re: backward compatibility in Vista

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Wed, 1 Aug 2007 16:29:08 -0600
Hmmm... My dialog fonts seem to look okay in Vista.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"Bob Moore" wrote in message

On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 20:51:50 -0400, SteveR wrote:

Can I assume that smooth running in Vista will mean the same for XP users?
I hope I don't have to program separately for the two platforms.

Code for XP but design for the Vista UI. Why? the Vista UI has larger
default fonts. Having just gone through *hundreds* of dialogs
re-laying them out for Vista, I can honestly say that (a) I wouldn't
want to do this again and (b) I'd like to personally shoot the SOB who
authorised this design change.

Bob Moore
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