Re: backward compatibility in Vista

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 03 Aug 2007 12:41:32 GMT
"David Wilkinson" <> wrote in message

David Ching wrote:

Hmm, so what happens if you specify Segoe UI in the .rc file and run the
app on XP or 2000? What font will be used? One wonders why Microsoft
didn't create a MS Shell Dlg 2 which defaults to Segoe UI on Vista,
Tahoma on XP, and MS Sans Serif on the others.


The trouble is (now) that there must be many applications that (a) specify
MS Shell Dlg 2, (b) have a Vista manisfest, and (c) have not adjusted
their dialog templates for a 9-point font. These apps will be broken by
your idea (even if it is applied only for apps with a Vista manifest).

That is why I suggested having something specific in the manifest to
indicate a desire to use Segoe UI 9 in all dialogs.

Either that, or create a MS Shell Dlg 3. AFAIK, there was no reason to
invent MS Shell Dlg 2, since it does the same thing as MS Shell Dlg. In
fact, I have never used MS Shell Dlg 2 and get exactly the same behavior
with the older MS Shell Dlg (at least as far as I know).

The problem with specifying Segoe in the .rc files is the behavior on
XP/2000 is undefined, at least in the articles I saw.


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