Re: How adjust top and bottom margins within a single line edit control?

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 5 Oct 2007 11:59:02 -0700
I've never tried doing any of this with an edit control, but if you want
better control over the layout you may want to try a CRichEditCtrl.

You may also be able to do something by setting the size of the window and
font to do what you want.

There are also several articles on owner drawn edit controls here that might
help you:


"Simon" <> wrote in message

I have found that I can use SetMargins to adjust the margins to the left
and right of text within a (singleline) edit control. I would like to be
able to do the same thing with top and bottom margins but I can't find any
nice way of doing this. Does anyone know a good solution to this? The
solutions I have considered are:

(a) Use a multiline edit control and make it function as a single line
edit control (if that works). Then use SetRect or SetRectNP to reposition
the 'formatting rectangle' (these only work with multiline edit controls).


(b) Use WM_NCCALCSIZE to adjust the client area of the edit control, and
handle painting of the non-client area myself using in OnNcPaint.

Has anyone tried either of these approaches, or any other approaches? If
so, what works? Any tips about things I need to do (or not do) to make
them work?

Thanks in advance


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