Re: Font.CreateFont ??

"AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <AliR@online.nospam>
Fri, 14 Mar 2008 10:43:17 -0500
The Escapement set the lins angle with the x axis, where the Orientation
sets the angle of each character in respect to the x axis. But you will have
to be in GM_ADVANCED mode for Orientation to work.

Here is a sample:


"Ron H" <> wrote in message

Can someone point me to a graphical explaination of the difference between
nEscapement & nOrientation? I am trying to orient chars as a vector moves
around 360 deg. but keep the char 90 deg from the vector...I don't
understand the two values and how they effect the pivot point. I've got
the MSDN article but an example would sure help!



Ron H
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