Re: strings in C++

Victor Bazarov <>
Fri, 23 May 2008 12:42:22 -0400
David Webber wrote:

"Ulrich Eckhardt" <> wrote in message

I believe it is up to 6.

In theory, UTF-8 could represent up to 31 bits of payload using 6 octets.
However, the Unicode standard was amended and now says that only up to
octets are valid. Looking at the manpage here, it still explains the
encoding using up to six octets.

Ah thanks - I'm behind the times. I wonder how long it will be before
they'll make it bigger again :-)

As soon as Earth joins the Federation of Planets, and we'll have to
accommodate all the alien languages, who knows what complexity their
symbol sets might have...

[..] for titles like "Sonata in Eb", I was
rather disappointed that he flat sign doesn't fit the text very nicely
in most fonts. [..]

Aren't they supposed to be printed as sub- and super-scripts? Just

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