Re: Channel 9 video: Visual C++ 10 is the new 6

"David Ching" <>
Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:26:44 -0800
"Ajay Kalra" <> wrote in message

The big advantage of using a newer version of Visual Studio than VC6 is
that the C++ compiler is much newer and much more compliant with the
ISO C++ language. That means that any third-party library code that you
may want to use in your projects is much more likely to compile.

I think that alone will justify the upgrade for most. I personally
dont think MFC enhancements have amounted to much after VC6.

I can't live without CStringA/W anymore. I got tired of manually creating a
manifest just to use Common Controls 6. I don't have to delete the .ncb
file nearly as much as with VC6. I like my XML color coded. When I edit
Javascript, I like that color coded also. I like the Server Explorer to
manage my databases (was that in VC6?). The missing Find/Replace in Entire
solution is irksome. Visual Assist X integrates much better than in VS6. I
got used to the Consolas font. I got used to editing true color icons (and
Icon Workshop Lite only works with VS2008).

-- David

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