Re: How to work with XML in MFC?

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 5 Jan 2009 23:55:09 -0800
I agree with David. There is no reason why the thin wrapper for the
controls couldn't have functions that set up the fonts based on a resource
setting. It doesn't have to do anything custom really. There are tons of
extensions to MFC controls that do this sort of thing, but, until recently,
nothing built in. It would be nice to extend the paradigm into the IDE to
give the user easier access to the functionality that is built in to the new


"Mihai N." <> wrote in message

On the contrary, there is no reason why the MFC framework can't support
saving the selected font on a per-control basis. The extra font info can
saved in the .rc file similar to the DESIGNINFO. Once the dialog is
created, the MFC framework can enumerate the child controls and call
SetFont() on each of them that has an overridden font.

There is a reason, not technical but philosophical: the controls in MFC
are the system controls. And I like it this way.

In VS 2008 SP1 is the first time (from what I know) that MFC included
"controls" that are not system controls, but custom controls.
And I am not sure if I am happy with it...
(has something to do with my general dislike for custom controls)

Mihai Nita [Microsoft MVP, Visual C++]
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