Re: How to work with XML in MFC?

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 9 Jan 2009 07:55:45 -0800
"Mihai N." <> wrote in message

In a dialog you can probably go with 2, max 3 variations.
Let's say one bold, and maybe a bigger font. But that's it.

I agree, and that's what I do in my apps. But I still don't see how this
jives with your statement that since the .rc file only allows for one dialog
font, and so does the Control Panel settings that therefore dialogs should
contain 1 font.

Second thing: a web page is more like a magazine, it is designed to
entertain, waste time, have fun.
An application intended for productivity is more like a book.

Some web pages are that way, but not for web apps like

A book has less variation than a magazine.
Usually 2 fonts (body and headings), about 3 sizes (body and two headings)
and on ocasion a bold or italic.
Geek, technical books go beyond that, but not much.
And remember, we are talking hundreds of pages here.
You don't often get a title, 3 headings, bold, italic, bullets, indents,
all on one page.

A book is not interactive, you are staring at it for minutes or hours on end
so don't need to quickly grasp the various parts of the page and discover
what the page is all about. That's why fewer fonts work well.

Moderation, good taste.

Yes, but the traditional MFC and .rc file is too moderate for modern appeal!

-- David

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