Re: Internatinalization and multiple language support without resource DLLs

"David Ching" <>
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 08:53:24 -0800
"Mihai N." <> wrote in message

= No compilation =
This is not an argument.
Just create a batch file with two commands:
 rc bla.rc
 link /noentry /dll bla.res
Then one can just double click on the batch file.
This is it, the big "compilation"
As easy as a ZIP, if not easier.

I think you should recognize that not all development teams have the
expertise to install the RC and Link tools. As I understand it, some
translators don't even type in the translations on a computer, they
handwrite them out leaving it to someone else to type them in. But if you
give them a .ini or .xml file they might be able to use Notepad to edit the
text in place, and then run the app to see the change.

In order to avoid that you are reinventing the wheel.
(and a complicated one).

And throw away the tons of tools that can handle .rc files
properly (including Computer Added Translation tools and such),
remplacing them with a crapy proprietary thing.
A don't tell me it's not crappy, because you cannot match tools
that are out there compeating for the last 20 years.

It is exactly like you would try now to replace all standard email
retreiving protocols and applications with a proprietary stuff.

What is being proposed is to replace standard e-mail protocol with something
as simple as shouting down the hall. Like it or not, it works well enough
in many cases.

..RC file doesn't support modern skins or even multiple fonts in a dialog,
which I know you don't like, but I'm sorry, what you like is butt ugly and
not feasible to ship such an ugly product to some segment of the market.
Maybe in your market it is OK, but that is not necessarily the rest of our

And you always have to worry about versions!
What happens if the old string program was doing
  printf( "bla %s", "12" )
and the new one is doing
  printf( "bla %d", 12 )

You use the old French string in the new code
(because you don't care about version) and do
  printf( "bla-fr %s", 123 )
Now your application exploded. Oups!

This is not a problem with modern frameworks which expect a format string
containing %1 or {1} or some other placeholder that does not specify the

-- David

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