Re: MFC & Fonts in Vista

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Sun, 8 Feb 2009 12:10:25 -0700
::DrawTextW() takes a Unicode string.

Depending on whether or not your project is set to use Unicode characters
(_UNICODE defined), pDC->DrawText() will accept either ANSI or Unicode.

It's not clear to me exactly what you are doing and what is causing the
problems you are seeing, but in 2009 you should definitely be using Unicode
characters. In current versions of Windows, the non-Unicode APIs all have to
convert to Unicode anyway, slowing your application down.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"pkp9774" <> wrote in message

I've got a legacy program that is having some font difficulty in Vista.
used a modified version of Courier and changed the '`' character to
glyph. In vista though it comes back with a zero-slash which is what the
original Courier would have been.

In the font file there is no mention of the original font name so I'm
confused as to what could be going on here.

An alternative solution would be to somehow use the original Courier New
font but use the unicode character. I'm not familiar with how to do that
pass the string to pDC->DrawText() function.

Anyone have an idea?

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