Re: Problem setting FontSize in CTreeCtrl

"David Ching" <>
Mon, 23 Feb 2009 15:53:19 -0800
"Joseph M. Newcomer" <> wrote in message

I find that most "programming conventions" that attempt to distinguish
global variables,
member variables, parameters, and local variables seem to relate to
programs created on
punched cards, and that use functions that are hundreds of lines in
length. A better
approach would be to not create programs whose complexity requires these

Note that Microsoft has a lot of _ variables that are used internally.
This opens the
possibilities for creating surprising conflicts.

But even simple programs benefit from using m_ for member data as opposed to
transient (stack allocated) variables. I'm using Qt now, and they don't use
any scope notation at all. I tried it their way but found it less
productive, not being able to instantly tell the scope of a variable. So I
went back to using m_, s_, g_, etc.

I suppose you're right that we shouldn't use leading _ as that conflicts,
but the alternative of a trailing _ is really bad. I haven't found anything
better than m_.

-- David

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