Re: Wrapper for CView actions

David Wilkinson <>
Sun, 27 Aug 2006 13:53:41 -0400
markww wrote:


I have to perform an action on all my MDI child views at times. The
amount of code copying is growing and growing - is it possible to write
some wrapper function that will perform an action on all views, by
passing a function pointer perhaps? This is what I have right now:

void CChildFrame::ApplyActionToAllViews_1()
    POSITION pos =
    if (pos != NULL) {
        CMyDoc *pDoc = (CMyDoc
        POSITION posView = pDoc->GetFirstViewPosition();
        while (posView != NULL) {
            CView *pView = pDoc->GetNextView(posView);

                finally in here perform the specific action using


So I have to reproduce that whole block everytime I need to do a
different action on all my views. Anyway to make that more efficient?



CDocument::UpdateAllViews() ?

David Wilkinson

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