Re: Pointer problem

 baeman <>
Fri, 29 Jun 2007 02:17:35 -0700
hi tom,

if I try your solution then I get a access violation reading location
0xd5dee900. location 0xd5dee900 is the
m_pDocManager in the GetFirstDocTemplatePosition()

is there an other way to hold on to the pointer variable, because I
have an other working code using this pointer from the InitInstance()
it goes out of scope but get the same values as I use it in an other
function of the app class. Anyway this is only working in this code,
not in mine.


On 29 Jun., 08:13, "Tom Serface" <> wrote:

You could use something like the following code to retreive the template
pointer again:

   POSITION pos = GetFirstDocTemplatePosition();
   while (pos) {
    CDocTemplate* pTemplate = (CDocTemplate*)GetNextDocTemplate(pos);
    POSITION pos2 = pTemplate->GetFirstDocPosition();
    while (pos2) {
     CDocument *pDocument;
     if ((pDocument=pTemplate->GetNextDoc(pos2)) != NULL) {
        // Do something with it

Unfortunately, as Scott said, the pointer variable goes out of scope so the
doc template is only stored in the framework object.


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